Mamaxpert Breast Firming Gel

Mamaxpert Breast Firming Gel
About the Product
  • During Pregnancy, the breasts go under transition. Hormonal changes and increased blood flow to the breast tissue cause breasts to feel tender, heavy and tingly.
  • As the breasts gets filler and heavier the ligaments supporting the breast stretches, contributing to sagging after pregnancy and during lactation.
  • And, the loss of skin elasticity further adds on to more sagginess and loose breasts.
  • Meet Mamaxpert Breast Firming Gel, especially formulated for pregnant women to help tighten, tone and firm the busts.
  • Enhances skin firmness to keep the bust toned
  • Nourishes and hydrates skin to increase skin elasticity
  • Helps maintain skin flexibility
How to use

Take desired amount of gel on your hand


Gently massage in circular motion for 1-5 minutes twice a day

Bio-Bustyl PH

Enhances skin firmness to keep the bust toned.

Aloe & Niacinamide

Nourish & hydrate skin to increase skin elasticity.

Zingiber Extract

Natural anti-oxident and helps maintain skin flexibility.

Brand Promises
how to use step 1
Paraben Free
how to use step 2
Irritants Free
how to use step 3
SLS & SLeS Free
safe during pregnancy
Safe during pregnancy
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