Mamaxpert Legs Relaxing Gel

Mamaxpert Legs Relaxing Gel
About the Product
  • During Pregnancy, increased weight of foetus leads to weight gain. The growing pressure on legs compress the blood vessels and nerves supplying to the lower part of the body, which adds to the discomfort in the legs.
  • Meet Mamaxpert Legs Relaxing Gel, made with selective mix of ingredients. It hydrates the skin of legs and helps to improve the local blood circulation. Thereby, providing a feeling of lightness and freshness to legs.
  • Helps soothe the legs, providing feeling of freshness
  • Aids circulation in legs
  • Hydrates the skin thereby relaxing the legs
How to use

Take sufficient quantity of gel


Gently massage in upwards movement from toes & feet

L Arginine

Aids circulation in legs


Relives discomfort of swollen legs

Niacinamade and Zingibar Extract

Helps soothen the legs, providing a feeling of freshness

Brand Promises
how to use step 1
Paraben Free
how to use step 2
Irritants Free
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SLS & SLeS Free
safe during pregnancy
Safe during pregnancy
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