Rapid Pregnancy Detection Kit

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One Step HCG Urine Pregancy Test.

About the Product
  • Missed your period?
  • Fret not!
  • Mamaxpert has got your back.
  • With our Rapid Pregnancy Detection Kit, take the test in privacy of your home and get results in just 5 minutes.
  • One step HCG test that detects the pregnancy hormone (HCG) in your urine to provide results.
  • 99% accurate*
  • *mayoclinic.org
How to use
how to use step 1

Collect urine samples (first early morning sample) in a clean and dry container.

how to use step 2

Take out test device from pouch just before you start the test, keep test device on a flat surface.

how to use step 3

Collect urine with help of dropper and add 2-3 drops in a sample well (S). Do not add urine sample in window marked as ‘C’ and ‘T’.

how to use step 4

Read the result within 5 minutes.

Results Indication
Result Indication 1

Two Pink Lines - Positive

Result Indication 2

One Pink Lines - Negative

Result Indication 3

No Line - Invalid - Repeat test

Result Indication 4

No 'C' Line - Invalid - Repeat test

If result is positive, please consult a qualified gynaecologist

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